Scary Building


Failing to follow these rules might lead to your story being removed or to you being banned from the community. If you are unsure if your story follows the rules, don't hesitate to send it to a moderator for review.


You’re only allowed to post one story per day.



You're allowed to post two types of content: your own texts or links to narrations of your own texts.



Only post stories within the following genres: horror, weird fiction and science-fiction. Other genres – such as fantasy – is allowed but must incorporate one or more of the other genres in some way.



Only post stories that you've run through a spell- and grammar check.



You must be the author, or one of the authors, behind the stories you post. You are not allowed to post fan-fiction, since it's not very original. If you post a link to a narrated story, it must be a narration of your own story.



Your story must be at least 500 words long.



Your story has to be complete, with a clear beginning, middle and end. Series are allowed, but each part has to have some kind of dramaturgical curve.



When posting a part of a series, make sure to add the following tag at the end of the title: [Part X]. Replace the X with 1, 2, 3 etc. depending on which part it is in the series.



Titles must be story related and cannot include non-story related elements. This goes for narrations of your story as well.



If you have something to say to your readers, for example where they can buy your books or follow you on social media, you can only do that beneath the following text: AUTHOR'S NOTE. Feel free to write whatever you want there, and post whatever links you like, as long as it follows the behavioral requirements of this subreddit.



Categorize your post appropriately whenever it's possible. If you don't find a genre that suits your story, pick “Other”. Use the Feedback flair when your primary reason is to get feedback on your work. Note that the story still must be finished, although it's okay if it's only a first draft. Only use the True story-flair if the story actually happened to you and if you believe everything in your story is true.



You must show basic decency and only offer constructive criticism.